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YUTH - The Musical

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YUTHink we’re done?! Think again. More Casual Sketch coming February 2017. This season was fueled by Yuth: an organic, non-GMO, gluten-free lifestyle beverage company for those who thirst for experience.

Season Finale | Casual Sketch

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About Casual Sketch: 
Casual Sketch skewers issues ranging from politics, race, and gender, to cults, superheroes, and cheap furniture. It spoofs formats such as vlogs, public access television, commercials, and music videos. One part social commentary, two parts laughs, and three parts bathtub gin; if Casual Sketch doesn’t blind you, it’ll make you think about your life and your choices.

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Lowkey, we’re kinda funny. 

The STATION by MAKER is home to comedy sketches and skits, music videos, and the best funny original content in the entire universe. It’s literally the funniest thing that’s ever been created.

Season Finale | Casual Sketch

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Season Finale | Casual Sketch